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They tell of the unbelievable amounts of money spent on snow removal and the large losses suffered by farmers and businessmen.They also tell of the dignitaries who visited the affected areas, but most of all they tell of THE WAY IT WAS, during the "Blizzard of '77." and at one point, released without bail some 30 defendants accused of looting during the storm.(Courier Express)Red Cross volunteers traveling by snowmobile checked for trapped passengers in vehicles such as the one shown above.Nine bodies were found frozen to death during and shortly after the blizzard.The average temperature for both November and December was about six degrees below normal. In addition to the extreme cold, snowfall in November totaled 31.3 inches, in December 60.7 inches and through the 27th of January 59.1 inches.There was a persistent snow cover from November 29th...unusual for a The storm began on the 28th of January as snow started falling at 5am.Most schools were already closed as a result of a winter storm which had swept public schools reopened on February 14.During the emergency period the Buffalo Police Dept.

The weather was unusually harsh leading up to the blizzard. Industries and schools were forced to curtail activities and in some cases close.

By the 30th, Federal officials had taken over snow removal operations and before the end of the storm over 500 national guardsmen were helping in the disaster.

Offers for aid and relief came from as far away as mainland and those with four wheel drive became invaluable as they delivered emergency food and medical supplies.

This was necessary because most of the courts in the area were closed for a week and the jails were swelling.

Hard hit by the Blizzard of '77, 16 of the 25 towns in school children and high school and college students the blizzard of Friday, January 28, meant as much as two weeks of unplanned vacation.

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