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It is true that by this time the tide was turning and not many of them were escaping the need for some level of ratepayer subsidy but they still represented local value for money and a level of civic pride in many locations.They included trams still at Glasgow, Sheffield (not for long though) and of course Blackpool.PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A HIGHLY DETAILED PAGE WITH SCORES OF PHOTOS.THE WAY I HAVE DESIGNED IT IS PERHAPS NOT THE BEST AND IT CAN SOMETIMES TAKE A WHILE TO FULLY LOAD.I have many memories but among the best for me has to be surviving early thirties Leyland TD4s (in 1962 - still with their tops on) in Portsmouth, rides on ex-London and other well maintained utility Guy Arabs in Burton-on-Trent, the amazing variety that was the fleets of Colchester and Grimsby-Cleethorpes, especially at the latter a ride costing and old 1d on one of the ex-London post-war STLs.

These 1943 Daimler CWA6 (AEC 7.7 litre engine) were presumably delivered as utility specification vehicles, however after 1955 they were carrying more up to date bodies by Crossley.

) and the turning arrangements here were deemed unsuitable for longer OMO single-deckers that had by then crept into the fleet in significant numbers.

The 1960s can perhaps be regarded as the Indian Summer decade for this fascinating sector of the British passenger transport scene.

I remember the trolleybuses vaguely, seeing them as a child on seaside holidays in the mid-1950s but I began to travel here yearly in in the following decade when either just visiting for or participating as a passenger/entrant on a vehicle entered for the HCVC run each May.

I was never adventurous and can't recall going anywhere in the town except the immediate vicinity of the seafront so all of my views are in and around there and Old Steine, the main bus terminal point.

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