Elluminate whiteboard not updating

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See the user’s guide for your projector for instructions.Alternatively, press the Whiteboard button on the LCD touch screen on the ACP. For the moment, I just want to use it for small meetings of less than 5 people, but I would like to be able to record the events. It would be nice if a web-conferencing programs also allowed the recording and editing features that you find in Camtasia. Just check out the youtube video from Sebastian Wagner, he is the developer of Open Meetings! However, If you invest 9 in I actually use Camtasia a lot to create training videos and lectures.For more information, see the textless installation guide included with your is receiving power but isn’t communicating with the appliance or the guest laptop you connected.

Might all be easier said than done, but it looks like webconferencing is here to stay, so why wouldn't you/we?I love the fact that you just have to put a link to the room in the moodle course for others to access the whiteboard.It also allows you to lock the room so that others cannot change or delete things if you have a lesson set up or something.It doesn't have a record feature, but again you can use Camtasia to record a session and post it to You Tube or something later.So, my recommendation would be to use 3 programs: Some of the current webconferencing modules look like they are simply interfaces to access commercial services.

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