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The train's speed is always lower than the normal maximum for any route.

The sitting room has a sofa with hand-stitched velvet cushions, armchairs and the small dining table where the Queen and Prince Philip have breakfast. There is also a desk in one corner where Her Majesty works on her official papers.

In fact the name is applied whenever a set of rail carriages and locomotives is used by the Royal Family, and the same number of coaches is not used every time.

Prince Philip uses it as a mobile office, while both the Prince of Wales, who says he could not live without it, and his sister Anne, the Princess Royal, say it is their favourite form of travel now that the Royal Yacht Britannia is no longer in service.

It is the Queen's mobile home-from-home: the Royal Train.

At present there are nine coaches that can be assembled into whatever configuration is required, and for whom.

It is only on very rare occasions that all nine are used as a single train, and then only when the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are travelling together. Charles is the most frequent and regular passenger, and if the Duchess of Cornwall, who, unlike her husband, is not a lover of train travel, accompanies him as she often does on the long overnight journeys to Scotland, an eighth carriage is attached for her use.

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