Norton motorcycle englne and frame dating

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will be included The Factory Record Certificate will be printed out on parchment paper then returned to you in a stiff cardboard envelope.

I have a Norton 99 that I'm thinking of selling, but the engine number is not the same as the frame number.

Through the years, many frames have had either a rash or some other dermatological disease.

Many frames are showing a variety of numbers on various positions.

If you want to help unravel the past, please send me your frame and engine numbers (and preferably the others as well).

If you want to have your bike on the website, send a picture.

Engine number is found on the left top corner of the left crankcase half, see pictures below.

I added the most likely manufacturing year without pretending to know it exactly!I will only add bikes to the website after the owner has given his written consent unless its a museum piece or advertised for sale!Note: In case a frame number is not known or not applied by Norton, the engine number of the MC is "assumed" to be matching and the MC added in the list accordingly.All the result of attempts to give it another identity by either official entities or owners fitting a frame to the paperwork they have.The is on the left hand front petrol tank frame lug casting.

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